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As a leader your role is to help your people realise how clever they are not keep showing how clever you are.

Learn how to develop a truly effective culture of continuous improvement and deliver long term business success with highly engaged people.


Two highly interactive workshops for senior managers based on Chris’ award winning books. 


Lean and Continuous Improvement Training for Business Leaders

5 Habits to Embed a CI Culture

Continuous Improvement Workshops for Managers

Go beyond CI tools and learn how to embed 5 simple improvement habits that will result in long term sustainable business success.

Based on the Shingo Publication award winning book “4+1 Embedding a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Financial Services” this highly interactive one day workshop uses case studies from two of the worlds leading banks. The workshop focuses on the key improvement habits that were deployed and the lessons learned for sustainability.   

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Who for?

This workshop is designed for Senior Managers and CI practitioners at all levels who wish to move beyond tools to embedding improvement habits that deliver long term sustainable business success and result in highly engaged people.

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Understand the 4+ 1 improvement habits 
Understand the keys to sustainability 
Understand the importance of the neuroscience underpinning the habits

Learn how to assess the maturity of the habits in your own organisation and what “Way of Life – level 5 maturity” looks like. 

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Case studies , videos , expert input , examples and maturity assessments for each of the five improvement habits explored in the book.

How to Achieve

Enterprise Excellence

Continuous Improvemen Workshops for Managers

Based on the Shingo Publication Award winning book the Essence of Excellence (published by S A Partners) this highly interactive two day workshop uses a wide range of international examples and case studies to help delegates understand the key to creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.

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Who for?

This workshop is designed for Senior Managers at either a group, division, or site role who wish to develop a truly

effective culture of continuous improvement and want

to go beyond tool-based approaches that do not always

sustain well.

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Understand the core business systems needed to create a sustainable culture of Continuous Improvement

Understand the benefits of focusing on Enterprise Excellence

Understand the importance of Core Operating Systems identified in the Essence of Excellence book

Understand the linkages between behaviour, tools and systems

Explore adjustments could be made to improve  Systems in driving ideal behaviour

Understand the key elements of The Essence of Excellence journey share ideas and best practice with other delegates.

Case studies , videos , expert input, learning by doing Gemba activities and organisation level self- assessments.

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