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chris butterworth Shingo Prize winning author

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My backgound


I first started my journey of understanding continuous improvement over 30 years ago when I was lucky to be part of the team tasked with creating a new factory for Jaguar cars. As the supply chain manager I knew what we were doing was very different and we learned how to do things that we previously thought impossible.


Fast machine changeovers, just in time deliveries, one company wide uniform and collaborative culture.  It wasn’t until couple of years later with the publication of  “The machine that changed the world“ that I learned to call what we had been trying “ lean”.   

What we did lit a spark in me and that passion for continuous improvement has been a part of me ever since.  I pursued that passion in various managerial roles and then had the benefit of meeting and working closely with my friend of over 25 years Professor Peter Hines. 

I have worked with some of the world’s leading international organisations teaching, coaching and collaborating to help make tomorrow better than today, everyday.  I have had the honour of meeting and working with thought leaders and business people that have taught me much and continue to constantly provoke my thinking. In recent years I have turned to sharing what I have learned through writing and have been humbled to receive two Shingo publication awards for books that I have co-authored. 

My single biggest learning is that the key to developing a sustainable culture of continuous improvement is that organisations need to unlock the potential of their people and engage them in helping to create enterprise excellence.  How to do this has become the focus of my recent work as a Coach, Speaker and Author.

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