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The Shingo Institute

The mission of the Shingo Institute is to improve the process of improvement by conducting cutting edge research, providing relevant education, performing insightful organisational assessments, and recognizing organisations committed to achieving sustainable world-class results. 


Few individuals have contributed more to the development of total quality management (TQM), just-in-time manufacturing (JIT), and Lean manufacturing as Dr. Shigeo Shingo. Over the course of his life, Dr. Shingo wrote and published 18 books discussing these and other topics.In 1988, Dr. Shingo received an honorary doctorate of management from Utah State University in Logan, Utah, and later that year, his ambitions were realized when the Shingo Prize was organised and incorporated as part of the university.

I am honoured to work closely with the Shingo Institute in a wide range of roles:  


As a Shingo Faculty Fellows I represent the Shingo Institute in educational settings. The primary activity of Shingo Faculty Fellows is to conduct workshops on behalf of the Shingo Institute and to train new facilitators to conduct Shingo workshops around the world. Shingo Faculty Fellows also develop curriculum for new and existing courses, write case studies, help support publications such as books and articles, and serve as ambassadors of the Shingo Institute 

As a Master Trainer I am certified to train and sign off facilitators for the Shingo workshop series.  

As a Shingo Examiner I serve as a member of a diverse team and provide valuable feedback to the organization or research submission being assessed. An examiner’s expertise is a function of experience and training with the Shingo Model™ and assessment criteria and their years of implementation and management.

Shingo Alumni are individuals who have distinguished themselves by applying what they learned in the workshops and implementing systems that help to drive  cultural transformation. 

For further information about the Shingo Institute please see

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