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My passion is helping organisations to become more successful through
realising the potential of their people.

I realised this when one of my workshop delegates 
sent me this message a few years ago –

So glad I tracked you down, several years ago you helped switch on my passion for continuous improvement and set me on a wonderful career path. Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you”.  

Some of Chris' previous Speaker engagements

AME North America


AME Australia 

(2017 & 2018)

SHINGO North America

(2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020)


Speaker since 2010

Today in my talks and workshops I hope to ignite a passion in your audience. Leaving them feeling inspired to bring out the best in their people so that they can help their organisations to grow.

I will share the lessons I’ve learned from researching and working with some of the world’s leading organisations. These insights can be applied to any industry sector and are relevant to any organisation large or small.

Each talk is tailored to address the specific audience requirements and illustrated with relevant examples and anecdotes. The duration is up to you, I have delivered short presentations to groups during lunchtime or after work as well as conference keynotes and half day workshopsfor leaders and executives.

I believe that very few people come to work to deliberately do a bad job. Most people want to do a great job and be proud of what they do and the organisation they work for. 


The role of a leader is to manage the culture to support this.

To paraphrase Professor Edgar Schein 

These are some examples of topics I regularly get asked to talk about

What are the 5 habits essential to embedding a culture of continuous improvement ?

Why do most improvement initiatives fail ?  Its not what about we do but how we do it.

What are key elements needed to engage your people in

sustainable success?

What are the four business systems critical to developing Enterprise Excellence?

Chris Butterwort Conference Speaker

Managing culture – why bother?

Why do leaders need to

“Look , Listen and Learn? " 

Get in touch and let's explore options for your upcoming event.

You can’t win in the market place unless you first win in the workplace

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